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I just had a realization today. The people you love can easily see your best side. But they also have the power to bring out your worst side. The scarier truth is you have the power to hurt them just as much as they could hurt you. Sometimes even worse. You may be deliberate about it. It can come about as an accident. But the bottom line is, you can and WILL hurt the one/s you love. It just worries me how I will hurt the woman I love so much. 😦

It scares me to think of how my words and my actions will bring about pain and hurt in her.


Doing what is Important

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My devotional today speaks of Ezra’s role as an interpreter of the scriptures to the Hebrew people. Up to a certain degree, that is what I am doing for some of the young people who are reading the Bible Study guides on my ministry website. How do we live up to God’s standards?

I’m learning that I have to prioritize what is important, more than just the urgent demands on my time, the endless cycle of deadlines and other commitments. More than just the urgent stuff, my time should be filled with doing the important ones.

I Think I Need a Local Church

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When I took on the Presidency of the National UMYF, I became very busy that I have not committed to any local church. Well, since my father came to Manila, I had to join him in his local church. After all, it doesn’t make sense if I’m not in his church. The last time that I really chose to be a part of a church–that of my own choosing was when I became a member of God is Love UMC in Concepcion, Marikina City. It was a great ministry for me. I actually felt like I was ministering with a church I chose as compared to a church imposed on me because of my father’s appointment.

It seems I need a local church again–not something I choose out of obligation, but a church where I can meet people, grow in my faith and become more like Christ. I initially thought of Good Samaritan UMC since I’ve been there a few times already. The Vesper service appeals to me particularly. But I have apprehensions, though. I also thought of Puno UMC, St. John and Kamuning. They are all good but so far, I ain’t committing to any. Will try to attend worship services in these churches–> church shopping, so to speak.

Serving God and worshiping him are not disconnected with each other. After all, service derives out of worship and love of God. But what if the servant (or the friend, as Jesus puts it) forgets to connect with God? What if it all becomes heartless service and ministry routine? What if service is no longer motivated by love but by economic necessities? What if service becomes nothing more than one’s profession and expertise?

The heart gets lost.

That heart is what I seek to recover.

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Now Reading: Chaim Potok’s In the Beginning

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I am reading Chaim Potok’s best selling book In the Beginning. I have always been fascinated with Jewish culture, customs and history. This book allows me to gain a deeper view to the culture of Jews and how Jewish children and young people make the transition to adulthood.

Potok manages to recapture the Depression era and World War II in his novel. The characters are so real and believable. David Lurie’s character, which I gather may be Potok’s autobiographical representation, may be dreamy and wistful and overly intelligent for his age. But his genius and his questions penetrate the heart of Jewish orthodoxy in a way that makes his family and his immediate relative cringe.

The novel chronicles David Lurie’s coming of age. And in doing so, Potok presents the culture crash between Judaism and the broader secular culture. He extols the Jewish culture while at the same time warns against cultural chauvinism. We read David Lurie saying that the world would be better off without the goyim (Gentiles) yet his father responds by saying “I doubt it! We would probably start killing each other.” Whoa! Such an honest appraisal of the human condition.

My salute goes to Chaim Potok. While I may be decades late in reading this bestseller, I am honored to have read it. The America of the 1930s-1940s comes alive to me through the eyes of young David Lurie.

Personal Development, Movies in Manila and US Open 2008

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It’s been a while since I’ve written anything significant here at my Multiply site. Well… this is because i am only maintaining my Multiply site as a means to connect with friends, acquaintances and other contacts. Here are the headline from my blogs, so you can click on them and go straight to my blogs.

Check out the movie releases at various movie houses in Metro Manila for September 2008. There are a number of interesting movies like Babylon A.D. and Hellboy 2.

There’s an ongoing Ignite Yourself series over at If you are interested in creating your own Personal Development Plan, just click on this link .

Tennis and Sports fans out there. If you want some US Open 2008 updates and results, check out my WhateverMighty Blog.